The Perfect Winter Adventure

January 10, 2020

Brigham City’s historic Main Street is lined with magnificent sycamore trees that are known to be one of Utah’s most elegant demonstrations of urban forestry. During the winter season, the large bows of these beautiful trees catch snow, creating that perfect small-town winter wonderland feel. Our county is a unique blend of the past and present with an old-time feel of historic main streets mixed with modern-day conveniences all while having hometown establishments know you my name. We have put together a variety of thoughts and things to do to make your perfect winter’s day.

Local Flare

On a Utah’s cold winter morning, there is nothing better than a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee or creamy hot chocolate to start your morning right. Buzz Brew coffee shop, locally owned and operated, and now at two convenient locations is always a good choice with their cozy atmosphere and friendly hometown vibes. Or if you’d prefer, consider a sit down with family or friends at one of our local diners for a warm bite and hot drink to get you energized for the day. 

Best Snow on Earth

Box Elder County’s prime location within Northern Utah allows a short drive to explore the amenities of Salt Lake City, or to explore the Northern Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. While at the end of the day able to return to your bed and avoid the steep prices Utah demands for its world-class Resorts. When it comes to playing in the snow you are in the right spot as Northern Utah has plenty of winter recreation to keep you busy all winter long.

Crystal Hot Springs

Located in Honeyville is our very own natural hot springs. During the cold winter months, relaxing in one of the hot pods is just the right mix of hot and cold needed to melt your body’s stress and pains away. Crystal Hot Springs recently renovated their park, and it’s beautiful, if that’s not enough, visit them while it’s snowing and get the full winter experience. There is something magical about big white fluffy flakes falling from the sky while the steam is rolling off the pond you’re relaxing in. This is a must for every Box Elder Local. 

Skiing and Snow Boarding

First, you have Beaver Mountain Ski Area. With only a short drive, you can be enjoying one of Utah’s hometown ski areas. You will escape the large crowds and avoid steep prices, while still enjoying the same deep dry powder. If you want a little bigger feel on the mountain, consider Snowbasin Resort. Other ski areas within an hour’s drive are Cherry Peak Resort, Nordic Valley Ski Resort, Powder Mountain, and Wolf Creek Ski Resort.


Take a short drive, and across the Hwy from Beaver Mountain Ski Area, you will find Beaver Creek Lodge. Here you can expect to find world-class snowmobiling and new top-notch machines to rent. Explore Utah’s rugged backcountry with exhilarating style and excitement. 

Hardware Ranch’s Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

Near Hyrum, up Blacksmith Fork Canyon, a short drive to our East. You can enjoy a winter family outing of a Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride while viewing nature’s Rocky Mountain Elk. The sleigh ride is a must, and the drive up Blacksmith Fork Canyon is incredibly beautiful, especially while blanketed with snow.

Snow Tubing

There are likely plenty of mountainsides near your home you can find to sled or tub down. However, if you are looking to make it more of an event there are two locations that are awesome for tubing. First is a short drive to Cherry Peak Resort in Richmond. Here you can tub with the whole family safely and without having to hike back up the mountain. Cherry Peak provides a magic carpet to ride back up the hill saving time and energy. This is great for kids. For a more authentic adventure-based tubing experience, try heading up to the summit of Logan Canyon to an area referred to as the sinks. Here is a very large area well known for tubing and snowmobiling. The snow is deep and the mountain is fast. Bring the whole family for a winter mountain experience. Don’t forget to bring hot cocoa and snacks.

Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing

By taking the short drive to the Logan Canyon Recreational area, you can access groomed skiing and snowshoeing trails. Three trails here are consistently groomed. The first one is just North of Logan Canyon in Green Canyon. The second is Beaver Bottoms, located just below Beaver Mountain Ski Area. Finally, The Sink Hollow trailhead is near the same location, just north of the Beaver Mountain parking lot. Head northwest into the trees for this flat out-and-back trail. Then, of course, it is always fun to adventure off into the mountain wilderness on other known trails as well. A winter favorite of mine is The Jardine Juniper Trail. I suggest starting at the Wood Camp Trailhead up Logan Canyon on U.S. Highway 89. This trail gets medium traffic, which allows for a packed trail a lot of the time. 

Plan Your Next Trip

Now that I have given you an array of exciting outdoor activities in or near the area get planning your next Winter Outdoor Adventure while Mother Nature is still blessing us with the best snow on earth. Don’t forget to respect the Mountains and be careful out there. But most of all, embrace the opportunities we have near us and enjoy being a Box Elder Local!